Furry Friend in the Snow

It was early January in 2016, and the snow was piled high as far as the eye could see in the little mountain town of Leavenworth, Washington. Leavenworth is a tourist town, bursting with it’s Bavarian charm, nestled in the majestic Cascade Mountains of Washington State. The breathtaking mountains encircle the town, making one feel small when they step outside. This is the same town where we got engaged, on a sleigh ride, up in the foothills. Talk about romantic! It's no surprise that this place is very special to us.

We ventured down to the Sleeping Lady Resort in hopes to snowshoe to the Icicle River. The mountain hills glistened and  an icy blue haze against the pearl white snow. It was a scene to like no other. It was as if the hills were ice cold, like a glacier, with the high for the day at 25 degrees.

We were unsuccessful in finding snowshoes so we bundled ourselves up with our best snow boots and made our way through the 3 feet of snow piled up high on the ground. The grounds of the resort were completely covered in a sea of snow, the crunching of our boots growing quieter and quieter as we walked deeper into the snow. We took an endless amount of shots of the snow banks along the river, the art sculptures and the mountains. We only have one camera so we shared it. After all, sharing is caring.

We were making our way back to the car when we noticed a squirrel perched quietly, very still, on a log. He was probably 30 feet away from us but he sat so perfectly we didn't want to disturb him. We knew we only had a small window of time to photograph him in this most perfect pose. As the camera began clicking away. the shutter sound echoed against the trees. He stayed still, so we kept zooming and zooming till he was in full frame. We probably took 25 photos of just him.

Once we realized we had something decent we stood back and took it all in. He had probably been in the middle of foraging for food and just sat there hoping we wouldn’t see him. He was so tiny in relation to the tall trees around him. 

We made our way inside the lobby to warm up. In the gift shop, we noticed another photographer’s photos printed on cards for sale. One was a squirrel in the spring time, nestled on a log, with the sun shining bright and the dark woods in the background. Could it be the same one? We'll never know. But that's when we thought - we could be doing this! Sharing moments we've captured on our treks and hikes together. Two years later we opened our online shop and website.  And now, the real adventure begins as we embark on our new entrepreneurial journey, sharing our photos with you and others.                   

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